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Theater Sets

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Rigging Adapters

Bases and Stands

From pole mounting speakers to truss, and collapsible base plates, to console stands and truss dollies, to road cases and racks. Entertainment Fabrication makes a wide variety of products that can all be customized to your specific needs.


Entertainment Fabrication was started in 2011 as a place to reinvent the wheel by creating entertainment products, brackets, and adapters that tackled problems in new ways. Before long, EF found its way into new markets as its clients started coming with larger and more complex requests.
EF's focus has shifted over the years, but they have stayed true to building innovative products at reasonable prices and providing outstanding customer service.
Not only does EF now maintain a very unique product line, with solutions for nearly everyone in production, but they also have an entire production department. EF builds and rents custom stages, theatrical sets, and props to local theaters, high schools, and churches.

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