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Flat Rentals - (Approx $0.50/sq.ft.)

Why should you rent from Entertainment fabrication?
We spend time with you on the phone or in person making sure we understand the full scope of what you are trying to achieve, not just blindly renting you some pre-set package. We want to insure that you are getting everything that you need, and aren't having to pay for stuff you won't use. Almost every quote we send out is accompanied by a 3D drawing, That way you can see exactly what you are getting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the products.
Most of what we rent is manufactured in house, this means we can maintain our products to a much higher level than other rental companies. Also, because we started as a fab shop, if you need custom parts for your project for some reason, we can easily build whatever you need.

Call us today at 214-509-8598 to let us help design your next project, or email your needs to

Entertainment Fabrication builds and rents very high quality flats. instead of using standard 1by lumber, we use 1" square aluminum tubing for all framing. All flats have machined holes and slots to aid in quick and accurate assembly with supplied 3/8" hardware. Due to the welded and low profile design, these flats can easily and safely be used with jacks on the ground, or hung from a batten. We can easily supply you with all the rigging to fly and ground support your entire show. We always repair our flats when they come back from a show so you will never receive one that is chipped, bent, or even in need of priming.
(All flats may be painted by client, but please notify Entertainment Fabrication of what paints will be used.)
6' and 12' jacks are available, However we prefer mounting anything higher than 8' walls to our scaffolding (which we have painted all black). We have developed brackets that allow us to mount flats to the frames of scaffolding. This allows us to construct much sturdier walls, hang backdrops in odd places, gives designers a plethora of additional places to mount lights, and builds easy 2nd level acting and entrance platforms, and all of this at heights up to 30'+. Let us know what you have in mind and we will engineer a structure to best suit your needs.

Below is a list of most of the sizes we keep in stock, if you need other sizes or shapes, let us know and we can make it for you, call or email us for any additional information or a quote.

  • 4' x 8'
  • 4' x 6'
  • 4' x 4'
  • 4' x 2'
  • 3' x 6'
  • 3' x 3'
  • 2' x 8'
  • 2' x 6'
  • 2' x 2'
  • 1' x 8'
  • 1' x 4'

We do much more than just renting flats, we can help design sets, build custom props, do scenic painting, even load in and out everything for you.

Let us know if you need items for touring or a long term rental, we have special rates and programs to offer.

(Products may NOT be painted, drilled into, or modified in any way without prior written permission from Entertainment Fabrication. Damage to product or excessive wear and tear may cause additional charges)

Theater Sets

CNC Machining

Commercial Art


Rigging Adapters

Bases and Stands